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Fast Food Fight: They’re Frying Their Hardest

Patrick Mantoani

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The classic In-N-Out fry is revered throughout California as one of the more fresh and healthy fast food fry options. Because of this, it manages a perfect five in the oiliness category. While other restaurants leave one’s lips and fingers glazed with grease, In-N-Out keeps their usage to a minimum, and thus keeps their customers clean and happy. However, to be a truly perfect fry, health can only be part of the story; some sacrifices must be made. This is where In-N-Out begins to deviate from excellence. Flaws become evident when inspecting the frying technique of each bin. While some fries are plump and filled with delectable sprouts, others are surprisingly thin, rewarding the consumer with an alarming crunch every once in awhile. The brand makes a bit of a comeback in overall taste, with each golden vessel carrying warm and salty satisfaction to any mouth. In-N-Out is undeniably on the upper end of the fry taste spectrum; a surprising feat for a fry known for health. With each fry’s traits in mind, one begins to feel that In-N-Out may be the premium source for delectable fried potatoes, until one looks at the price tag for a medium.

McDonald’s French fries are not for the fans of health (or aesthetic). When compared to its plumper In-N-Out counterpart, McDonald’s simply cannot compare in many ways. Each fry is both thin and hard (with little to no potato), or thin and soggy. While soggy fries may appeal to some fry enthusiasts, having fries so thin and so lacking of actual potato is never good. In an equally unpleasant manner, McDonald’s seems unable to control their oil usage. The cardboard bin becomes wet at the bottom, along with the fries it contains as it sits waiting to be eaten. Although everything about the Mcdonald’s fry appears unpleasurable, the moment of truth comes upon devouring the fry. This act is much harder to vilify, as the large tub of salty fries maintains heat and thus delectability throughout its entire consumption. Luckily for the consumer of a McDonald’s fry, the aforementioned delectability can be purchased in a truly large size for a measly $2.89.

The fries from Five Guys are unlike the typical McDonalds or In-N-Out fry. This is evident immediately after one walks in the door and sees the price tag for a medium… $3.79. While this may instill unease in a fry connoisseur who is not accustomed to atypical fries, upon further inspection it becomes clear that there is no need for fear. For lovers of extra fries at the bottom of the bag, Five Guys is the perfect establishment. While the bag and the cup may hold what seems at times like rivers of oil, the goodness inside is still both cost effective and delicious. Each fry is pumped with almost too much potato, but the use of spices and extra pepper given to each customer balances the instability, giving Five Guys an edge over the average fry. For anyone willing to pay a pretty penny for a typical side dish, Five Guys achieves full flavor and full satisfaction.

Wendy’s fries provide the happy medium between the plump Five Guys potatoes and the golden crisps of mainstream fry establishments. In fact, it seems like happy medium summarizes Wendy’s fries pretty well. The container of fries is similar in material to McDonalds, making it easy to see that Wendy’s manages their grease with more responsibility, yet still can’t help an oil stain or two. Additionally, Wendy’s provides an average amount of fries for the inexpensive price of $2.19. Unfortunately, while the traits of Wendy’s fries seem promising prior to consumption, upon eating a Wendy’s fry, one will not be surprised to find that the taste is much like the rest of it: mediocre. The attempt at spicing the fries is valiant, but is ineffective and falls short. Wendy’s is simply the fry for those who are interested in something new, but not very passionate about their choice.

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Fast Food Fight: They’re Frying Their Hardest