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Beauty and the Beast

Tia Bentivegna

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On Friday, March 17, a 1991 Disney classic was remade in live action form. Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, the timeless tale of “Beauty and the Beast” was brought to life in a stunning manner — one just as magical, mesmerizing, and memorable as the first.

The overall plot of the film mirrored that of the original motion picture; nonetheless, the screenwriters took the reigns when it came to providing further information regarding the death of Belle’s mother, as well as the truth behind a peculiar character by the name of Agathe. Likewise, the audience saw a more expressive, more theatrical side of the Beast with his song “Evermore,” belted out whilst the villagers are entering his castle with the aim of murdering him. Additionally, the animated classic initially was host to Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson’s voices for the signature “Beauty and the Beast” song, but were exchanged with the wildly popular artists Ariana Grande and John Legend for the new film’s rendition. Nevertheless, each were elegant and euphonious, paralleling the film itself.

Moving into the true “movie magic,” as I have coined it, the color, design, and all-encompassing aspects of the live action interpretation were captivating. To start, the cast of the film undoubtedly allowed for much of its success. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were ingeniously cast for their roles, as each portrayed a sense of confidence and comfort in each other’s roles; however, I have always believed that the Beast should remain as a Beast for the entirety of the film. After all, did Belle not come to see the castle shared between her and the beast as her home? Did Belle not confess her love for the Beast when he was a Beast, not a dashing prince?  

Ultimately, director Bill Condon accomplished a mighty feat and did so with style and artistry. From the music to the cast, from the originality to the creativity and individuality, the 2017 remake of this 1991 classic film left me in awe and in need of another eight dollars to see it again.

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Beauty and the Beast