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False Fire Alarms

Jessica Tang

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In one of the more unfortunate aspects of this school year, the school has suffered a rash of false fire alarms eating up school time­ — especially during the end of lunch and the last period of the day. The persistence of the issue has been frustrating for many members of the school.

Assistant Principal Stephen Owens shed some light on what exactly is happening.

“Somebody’s pulling [the fire alarms.] We have an alarm system that tells us where the pull station was pulled,” said Owens.

Physics teacher Todd Creighton expressed his opinion on the issue.

“We’re really hoping that whoever’s responsible for the alarm pulls stops. It’s counterproductive. It’s harming many more people than they realize,” said Creighton.

The administration is taking steps to address the problems that have arisen with the repeated fire alarms, however.

“We’re changing the policy by which we evacuate during the school day. We’ll continue to evacuate to the normal sites during normal class time, but it looks like instead of evacuating towards the second period site regardless of day, A day or B day, or time of day, break [or] lunch, we’re going to go to the next class,” said Creighton.

Under this policy, if the fire alarm goes off during break on A day, students would head to second period; if it went off during lunch on a B day, they would go to sixth period.

Owens also mentioned that the school was considering buying cameras.

“The cameras are an expensive endeavor. We have been in some conversation with the district office about getting some, so we’re trying to get some for the school,” said Owens.

Until these measures have been implemented, however, the school will simply have to watch, wait, and hope that the culprit will cease with the false alarms.

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False Fire Alarms