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Worth It – Donuts Edition

Inspired by BuzzFeed's "Worth It" segment, we decided to try three different doughnuts at three (not so drastically) different price points, to see which doughnut was the most worth it at its price.

Patrick Mantoani

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The name “Sunrise” is a perfectly adequate name for this doughnut shop. Upon entering this haven at the later hours of the day, one is subject to any number of free “leftover” donuts to accompany the doughtnuts they purchase at an already extremely low price. Sunrise almost wins this competition outright with their friendly business model and service. Logically, anything this cheap should be average at best; this is not the case with Sunrise. While the chocolate coloring is a peculiar faded brown color, once one sinks their teeth into the treat, everything else is irrelevant. The pillowy texture allows countless savory circles to be devoured. While entranced in  eating, one can be comforted by the eternally beautiful word. Some of these doughnuts were… free. Sunrise is the clear winner.


In terms of being worth one’s money, Keny’s Doughnuts gave me an obvious last place doughnut. Being only five cents more expensive than Sunrise Doughnuts, I expected delectable dough of similar quality, or perhaps even a donut 1.05 times better than Sunrise Doughnuts; this was not the case. Keny’s doughnuts lacked identity in their texture. Some doughnuts have a hard crisp, while others possess a satisfying mushy quality that allows them to be crammed down with ease. Keny’s was an odd middle ground of uninspired baking. Upon viewing a Keny’s doughnut one is inspired to feel… nothing. Due to messy presentation and dull chocolate coloring, taste is left as Keny’s only savior: a pitiful predicament for a doughnut of terrible taste. As one’s Keny’s doughnut tasting experience comes to a close and the final bites are taken, there are no feelings of satisfaction or joy. There is only the slight urge to throw away the slim remainder of the poor pastry.


One does not randomly purchase an Acre doughnut. This is probably because almost everything about the purchasing process is less than joyful. To begin, only one location in Petaluma even sells the acclaimed doughnuts. After singling out this establishment, one must enter a coffee shop which demands an acquired taste, only to purchase a doughnut for $2.50 that just happens to be smaller than its competition. However, once the unpleasantries are complete, one is left with the reward of their hard work in sacrifice. Acre doughnuts taste amazing. The chocolate glaze is topped with a coconut sprinkle that compliments the crispy textured doughnut well. Sadly, no matter how tasty Acre doughnuts are, the fact remains; better experiences require better looking bank accounts.

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Worth It – Donuts Edition