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Ophelia Chiang and Tessa Hughes

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It is difficult to make a played-out plot watchable, from each romantic comedy to every action-laced film, movies have used the same storyline for years on end. A common one? The custody battle for the endearing, scene-stealing child who the audience adores. “Gifted” followed exactly that plot line, but it somehow managed to charm the pants off of each viewer; the attendees came for Chris Evans but left favoring little Mckenna Grace. Evans stripped off his red-white-and-blue superhero attire to take on the role of doting uncle to his gifted niece, played by Grace. Her stubborn, smart-mouthed demeanor stole the show, outshining the beloved Evans.

Mary Adler’s gifted mind was discovered on her first day of school when she showed remarkable talent in mathematics. Upon realizing that his free-spirited young niece was in reality a child prodigy, Frank Adler, Mary’s kind-hearted and considerate uncle, planned on having her stay in school with kids her age and live a normal life. However, his plans are foiled when the uptight grandmother decides to interfere so that Mary can be taught to continue her mother’s mathematical endeavors. The crowd was at the edge of their seats all night, waiting in crippling anticipation for the result. From sweet celebrations in hospital waiting rooms to a lovable one eyed cat, “Gifted” was entirely captivating.

The movie tosses the debatable question at the viewers and allows them to consider both sides of the argument — what is the best way to raise a child prodigy? Should she be provided with the best education and to devote herself to her skills, but at the cost of a normal childhood, or should she be held back and raised like every other child her age? As the movie progresses, the crowd may find themselves siding with Frank, but also seeing the grandmother’s point of view. In the end, victory is achieved, and the audience is content with the compromise; besides, how can one not love an adorable bond between a man and his niece, witty retorts from a seven-year-old, and the overall warm feeling you get from watching this movie? If none of this sounds appealing, Chris Evans is hot, so there’s that, too.  

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