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Golf: Going for Green — and Gold

Alex Paredes

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People on campus have been curiously asking if there’s been a golf team playing for the school, and the answer to that question is: yes. The boy’s golf team is less prominent in the school’s conscience than bigger sports such as football or basketball. Nonetheless, they’ve been performing well. Ever since the season kickstarted in early March, they have been working hard to make sure they are in the running to win the league.

From an outsider’s perspective, the art of playing golf looks deceptively easy. However, contrary to appearances, golf is a sport that requires technique, excellent hand-eye coordination, and the mentality to concentrate intensively for an extended period of time. Sophomore Lucas Happy, a member of the golf team, discusses the difficulties of golf and why it shouldn’t be underestimated.

“This sport is hard because it’s a bit more mental than physical. You need more mental power and a lot more technique than most other sports,” said Happy.

Senior Frank Gawronski had a similar opinion.

“I think golf is the hardest sport, because it’s not like [how] a normal person can pick up a basketball and probably have a decent shot where they can be able to dribble the ball… Not an everyday person can pick up a golf club and hit it straight — which makes it difficult,” said Gawronski.

Golf is something of an individual sport; it relies on an individual’s personal strengths and skills. Players are responsible for their own failures — but also can take pride in their success, as Gawronski explains.

“Golf’s my favorite just because it’s more on me. I am more of an individual person and I’d rather be like a leader. I like having weight be on my shoulders and if I hit a bad shot, then it’s on me. Where if I actually hit a good shot, then I actually did that and I can be proud of it,” said Gawronski.

However, the individual nature of the sport doesn’t stop the team from bonding and working together well.

“We work as a team pretty well, we have chemistry together. … We’re doing pretty good [as a team]. We’re in contention to win league, we just need a few good matches in a row. I think we can do it,” said Happy.

Gawronski also had an optimistic view of the team’s chances this season.

“I think this season is going well, even though golf is an individual sport — our team has gelled very well together. A lot of people are motivated to get better… People really want to win and are dedicated and so we are having a great season this year. We’re only 20 strokes behind first, so it’s good,” said Gawronski.

Overall, the team is looking forward to an intense competition and an exciting opportunity to improve themselves in the challenges ahead.


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Golf: Going for Green — and Gold