Big House Beautification

Ashley Hancock, Reporter

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Campus beautification days are for bringing the diverse student and staff community to beautify the campus, and to continue to make it a happier and safer place to be.

   Seven hours are taken out of a single Saturday to help create a fun community for students. It is important for there to be a sense of relaxation at school, with all the stress from tests, projects, and just regular homework, life gets easier knowing that one can literally stop to smell the flowers as students walk to their classes.

   Assistant Principal Dan Ostermann talks about why he wanted to bring this to the school, “It gives us a really good opportunity to come together as a team,” said Ostermann.  

Being in the garden all day is guaranteed to make a young worker hungry. Mid-afternoon, the volunteers take breaks for some food. There are barbecues, sandwiches, and sometimes even homemade pizzas in the stone oven in the OLE area.

One of the volunteers, senior Izzy Fabbro, talks about her experience working with Ostermann.

“He was leading it and playing music from his car. And he wasn’t just leading it, he was helping and getting work done too,” said Fabbro. These successful events are here because of the ambition and passion from Dr. Ostermann. He expressed his personal favorite things about the day as well.

“It’s fun to be outside working, it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s fun to work the Earth and witness the transformation. And to watch and witness and be a part of a group of people that are working on something together,” said Ostermann.

The school is being made a better environment every day, and with the help of students and volunteers, the campus will continue to flourish. The next beautification day takes place on Oct. 14 in the OLE area.

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