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Dua Lipa Concert

Jacob Anderson and Polly Parakul

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   The night before Valentine’s Day is often one of loneliness for those without romantic partners, but for fans of British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa, February 13 was an evening to remember — and anything but lonely. As hundreds lined up as early as ten hours prior to the show, fans prepared for a night of stunning visuals and exceptional vocals.

   A deafening roar overtook San Francisco’s Masonic Theater as the ethereal singer emerged onto the stage, jumping right into her first song, “Hotter Than Hell,” a defiant and energetic tune that encourages self-love and confidence to the fullest. The dynamic single was followed by an equally powerful and flirtatious “Dreams,” accompanied by a shortened version of her feature on Sean Paul’s playful reggae-pop single, “No Lie.” The theater was electric; the utter excitement present within the room crystal-clear. Belting out one anthem after another, Dua danced around the stage with ease, flawlessly keeping in time with the beat and provoking countless cheers from the packed theater. As she continued her set — comprised of several of her numerous hits including the upbeat showstopper “Lost in Your Light” — the crowd only grew louder, undoubtedly catching the attention of any seismologists monitoring the area. Dua quickly brought the crowd’s rumbling to a halt, hypnotizing the room with the mellow and reflective “Garden.” After reigniting the crowd’s fiery spirit with back-to-back hits “Last Dance” and “Blow Your Mind,” Dua briefly paused the show to assert a sentimental message to the crowd, professing her eternal gratitude for every beaming individual in the room. As she went on to talk about the love and support she and her fans unconditionally share, the theater’s thunderous response was enough to bring her to tears, resulting in even more cheering and watery eyes from more than a few audience members (myself included). It’s no exaggeration when I say I could feel the love that bridged the gap between barricade and stage. Only after tears were wiped from cheeks did Dua continue the show, performing a breathtakingly beautiful rendition of “New Love,” the first song ever released by the artist. Dua’s voice — deep, heavy, and mesmerizing — shone through especially on this track, showcasing her outstanding vocals and moving the audience in a way unparalleled by any of her other songs. Other notable performances in the show include “Thinking ‘Bout You,” a serene ballad which left the crowd in a state of tranquility, and “IDGAF,” the artist’s newest single, which was preceded by a written request via backdrop for the members of the audience to hold up perhaps the most offensive of their fingers as a way of telling all the lovers who had done them wrong, IDGAF.

   For her encore, Dua returned to perform “Be the One,” a lighthearted track which the audience participated in, aiding her in singing the lyrics of the final chorus. The performer closed the remarkable night with her hit single, “New Rules,” an independently vivacious anthem celebrating female empowerment. As the show approached its end and thousands of satisfied fans shuffled out of the venue, the screen on stage flashed the singer’s full name in capital letters, reminding the audience and their friends that this is a name to be remembered and a new force to be reckoned with. Dua Lipa is here to stay.

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Dua Lipa Concert