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“Identity Evropa” Stickers Removed from Junior College Campus

Megan Gauer, Reporter

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On Sept. 4, 2018, over two dozen stickers reading “Identity Evropa” were removed from the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. Identity Evropa is a white supremacist group and their main goal is to spread white nationalism. The group’s self-proclaimed message is to raise support of white supremacist communities, not to directly attack and spread hate to people of color. The group’s Twitter page has over 30 thousand followers and they frequently post photographs of the stickers in numerous cities across the nation. On Identity Evropa’s website, it states: Members are expected at a minimum to stay active with their local clubs by attending regular meet-ups and participating in our broader online community. Members are also required to keep themselves in good physical shape and generally present themselves in a professional and positive manner when in public. Members of the group are also expected to pay a $100 annual fee.

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“Identity Evropa” Stickers Removed from Junior College Campus