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Stick It To Me

Often, Hydro Flask stickers and decoration are a reflection of a person’s interests and life experiences. They are also a new form of remembrance and tribute. Some students share how they enhance their Hydro Flasks to represent themselves.

Many people believe that eyes are the window to the soul; however, it has become more evident that stickers–more specifically Hydro Flask water bottle stickers–have become the window to the soul. With a Hydro Flask, people can personalize their water bottle and express themselves through their stickers. This fad has erupted all over the nation and has definitely arrived at the school. The need for these water bottles grew as did the need to customize it with unique stickers that represent people’s personality. Sophomore Lizzy Mackay explains what her stickers mean to her.

Photo by Grace Yarrow
Hydro Flask’s logo.

“They are fun things that decorate my water bottle to show off my personality and who I am,” said Mackay. Between going places, doing activities, and going on adventures, there is a sticker for it all. These stickers can tell the tales of adventures and triumphs. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors allowing an array of various characteristics of a person to be conveyed. Without using words, others can form an idea about a person based on the Hydro Flask stickers. These stickers help people bond with one another and share memories of how and where they got their stickers.

“I have a bunch of soccer stickers since my soccer team is a big part of my life. Then I have a giraffe sticker because most people consider me tall and giraffe-like. I also have a bunch of ski resort stickers because I like to ski and have near-death experiences,” said Mackay.

Whether trying to express a love of movies, television shows, books, logos, places, or anything else, using a sticker to do so is always an option. Smoke Signal News helps shed light on the topic.

“In a recent poll conducted via Twitter, 56 percent of the participants agreed that their Hydroflask stickers reflect their personality and 29 percent said that only some of them do.”

The water bottles and stickers are like a right of passage. They provide a sense of freedom for teenagers by acting as a voice. It became easy to support favorite sports teams and favorite clothing stores. It is accepted that the stickers on the Hydro Flasks are a part of someone rather than a plain water bottle. According to The Daily Clog, size matters as well.

“The smaller ones reveal a personality that is environmentally conscious, but not overly preachy. The larger ones, however, beg for attention.”

Hydro Flasks have become much more than an ordinary water bottle, but rather an empty book waiting for a story. They start as a blank canvas and soon becomes a work of art. Sticker upon sticker can be added, revealing the personalities of many. Not only is a Hydro Flask a water bottle or just a place for stickers, but also an expression of individuality.

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Emily Abel, 11

I like that it keeps my water cold the whole school day. I think that having it and taking it with me everywhere I go makes me drink more water and it makes my skin more hydrated. It’s so weird that a school would ban stickers, I don’t get that. I don’t understand why that would happen. It’s just like putting a sticker on your binder. I got all of my stickers on a website called RedBubble, ...

Camilla Pereira, 10

I decide to put new stickers on when a new song comes out or like a new artist I’m interested in. My water bottle is mostly based off of rappers or quotes from them, so if I see another quote or something inspirational, then it means a lot to me to put it on there. So basically, it’s a lot of rappers that I like, and some of them are funnier. Soulja boy is still an artist, and this is a quote fr...

Cameron Harding, 10

My stickers represent my journey since I’ve gotten this water bottle. This Patagonia provisions one was given to me by Nolan Hosbein, he is a dear friend, and when I look at the sticker, I think of him. This Jam Fam running team one reminds me of the Jam Fam running team which I have a lot of dear friends on the team, and that’s pretty cool. Then this Vineyard Vines one I really enjoy wearing their...

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