A Bittersweet Thirty Years

Sue Jacob, Page Editor

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Luis Alves

Luis Alves, the night custodian for thirty-four years, is now retiring. Also working these past four years at San Rafael and San Francisco, in addition to this campus, he has chosen to retire. He has spent countless years improving the environments of schools and making the workplace a better place to teach and learn. Photo by Sue Jacob

Alves expresses all of his hard work after these plethora years that has passed.

“After working here for so long, I’ve always tried my best to keep everything as clean as can be. I try my hardest always, and work my best everyday whenever I come to work,” said Alves.

While working during the night, Alves had always maintained a bright smile, good sense of humor, and an efficient working manner. His attitude is personable, and his cheery aura has always caught the attention of countless individuals as he works hard at the job he has been doing for over 30 years.

The students and staff thank Alves for all of the work and dedication he has committed to maintain this campus’ beauty.

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