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Chaos and Corruption in Turkey

Katie Marr

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After a long history of military-controlled government, President Erdoğan of Turkey attempted to establish dominance over the military by arresting several high-ranking officers (with the accusation of involvement in a secret society called Ergenekon) and replacing them with staff that were loyal to him. This created more tensions between the military and government, culminating in a well orchestrated attempt to seize power this summer. They claimed to hold the power, and planned to build a new constitution.

   However, the military failed as a result of infighting among the plotters, and an inability to silence President Erdoğan, who led the charge in “purging” his country of dissenters, arresting or suspending over 45,000 individuals, from police officers to teachers. Unfortunately for him, several military personnel have escaped Turkey and are seeking asylum in other countries – international law states that you must take someone into asylum if rejecting them would lead to their death.

   Furthermore, Turkey suspended the European Convention on Human Rights, claiming to be in a state of emergency. This state also allows the Turkish government to pass bills without a Parliamentary majority. Turkey is not new to military takeovers; the military overthrew the government three times between 1960 and 1980, according to Time magazine. Turkey is struggling to create national unity, a struggle that is only causing more upheaval.

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Chaos and Corruption in Turkey